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Results Oriented Creative

This means that Soula Creative makes things that will in turn make you money. We do branding and creative problem solving for small businesses, including graphic design, websites, video and marketing.

Made in Texas.

Pronounced /SOUL-ah/

“Every project has soul in it – a little of mine and a lot of the clients’.” – Megan O’Sullivan

Pronounced /SOUL-ah/

“Every project has soul in it – a little of mine and a lot of the clients’.” – Megan O’Sullivan


Soula Creative is a creative boutique specializing in branding and creative problem solving for small businesses with big dreams – led by Megan O’Sullivan. At the core of the businesses I work with is a person taking a chance to make something they are passionate about profitable enough to sustain their vision. Through graphic design, websites, video and marketing, I help them communicate what makes them unique so the world can understand. I keep things affordable by reducing overhead costs and focusing on tangible solutions from a business development perspective with the purpose of increasing revenue and the value of the brand.

“Working with Megan I appreciate getting a full left-brain/right-brain approach to a project.”
– Lynn Birdwell



Graphic Design







Soula Creative is Megan O’Sullivan. Depending on your needs, I can bring in some great minds to help with your vision and goals.

Below are a few of those great minds.

“You are a great resource, Megan. Don’t know what I would do without you.”
– Lou Congelio
Megan O'Sullivan

Megan O'Sullivan

Creative Director
Soula Creative

Lou Congelio

Lou Congelio

Writer / Creative Director
Acme Fish

Lynn Birdwell

Lynn Birdwell

Executive Producer
Bird House Productions

Céilidh "Kaylee"

Céilidh "Kaylee"

Wellness Coach
Molly Maroney

Molly Maroney

Experiential Marketing

Joseph Graham

Joseph Graham

Director / Editor
Monster Closet


I’ve worked with a variety of dreamers and doers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, agencies, nonprofits and investors.

“Megan worked with us to discover what we really want.”
– Molly Maroney


Headquartered in Texas


Megan has a passion for helping others succeed. She values the aesthetic principles of design and the process of bringing art into fruition. From the University of Texas in Austin with a BS in Communication Studies and certification in Business Foundations and Conflict Mediation, Megan continually applies herself to the evolving practices of marketing, advertising, sales strategy, video production, website and design – earning the AMA Marketer of the Year for Print Media in 2011 while she was the head of marketing at Houston Community Newspapers. Megan loves to make genuine connections with people and experience local cultures throughout the world as well as appreciating nature, practicing minimalism and conceptualizing interactive art exhibits.